• Reducing CO2 emissions by 15% at Toy Hobby business sites
  • Providing safe and secure products and services
  • Providing educational and experiential value for children who will shape the future

Providing educational and experiential value for children
who will shape the future

We are committed to social contributions that utilize our business resources.

Sharing the joy of manufacturing and the importance of environmental awareness with childrenGunpla Academia, Plastic Model Classes

  • In our Gunpla Academia initiative, we develop educational materials centered around Gunpla (Gundam model kits) to spark interest in sustainable manufacturing and incorporate these concepts into career education. We distribute this program as a complimentary educational package to elementary schools nationwide.
    Through hands-on building experiences where students actually handle and assemble Gunpla models, and videos that explain the manufacturing process, the roles of people involved, and recycling initiatives, we teach the fun and intricacies of manufacturing, as well as about efforts to address global environmental issues, leading to exploratory learning.
    Launched in October 2021, the program has been implemented in about 7,100 elementary schools nationwide, reaching approximately 520,000 students by March 2024.
    (Bandai Spirits)

    Note: Applications are limited to elementary schools designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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Sharing the excitement of manufacturing and the importance of environmental awareness with childrenExhibition at KidZania Tokyo

  • KidZania Tokyo
  • In March 2023, we opened a pavilion, "Toys & Hobby Factory" in KidZania Tokyo, a place where children can have fun while learning about how society operates.
    At our pavilion, children enjoy creating Gashapon toys, an experience designed to teach them about the excitement of manufacturing and the importance of creating environmentally-friendly products. (Bandai)​

Bringing smiles and peace of mind through playBandai's children's support initiative during times of disaster

  • Bandai's children's support initiative during times of disaster
  • Recognizing a lack of support to alleviate anxiety and stress among children at disaster sites, we partnered with the nonprofit organization Save the Children Japan to design and produce original toys aimed at emotional care.
    Moving forward, we will actively support children in affected areas by coordinating with organizations and local governments that assist disaster-stricken communities in order to deliver help to those who need it.

    Bandai × Save the Children

The support toys we developed are designed to be companions for children, providing comfort when hugged or squeezed. We created air vinyl dolls and squeeze dolls that offer a sense of security to children.

  • Squeeze dolls
    ▲Squeeze dolls
    These are palm-sized, soft dolls that don't take up much space and can help relieve stress when squeezed.
  • Air vinyl dolls
    ▲Air vinyl dolls
    These dolls inflate with air. They can be easily deflated, making them ideal for life in cramped evacuation shelters. Their cushioning also makes them safe and enjoyable for children to play with.

Save the Children

Save the Children Japan
Comments from the Representative

Ensuring aid reaches children in need during disasters

By December 2023, we had carried out donations targeting five locations, including municipal offices and disaster preparedness road stations.

  • ▲April 2023 presentation ceremony in Suita-shi, Osaka
    From right to left: Mayor Keiji Goto of Suita-shi, Osaka, and Noriko Fujita (Sustainability Director of Bandai)
  • ▲December 2023 presentation ceremony in Taito-ku, Tokyo
    From right to left: Taito-kun (Taito's tourism PR character), Mayor Yukuo Hattori, Noriko Fujita (Sustainability Director of Bandai), and Mametchi (from Tamagotchi)

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We remain committed to actively supporting initiatives that help children regain smiles amid unforeseen challenges and hardships.

A museum that creates opportunities to foster moments of joyShowcasing a global toy collection

  • The Omocha-no-Machi Bandai Museum
  • a curated collection

The Omocha-no-Machi Bandai Museum in Tochigi Prefecture was created to foster moments of joy.
It exhibits a curated collection that captivates both adults and children, showcasing about 35,000 items, ranging from beloved Japanese toys to historically significant toys from around the world, open for public enjoyment.

Inspiring new ideas and creativityExperience Edison's inventions up close

  • Thomas Edison Special Exhibition
  • Motivated by the desire to bring Thomas Edison's inventions closer to children and cultivate their creativity and imagination, we've transferred a selection of Edison's inventions from the Omocha-no-Machi Bandai Museum for display at the Thomas Edison Special Exhibition at Bandai's headquarters.

A collaborative project focused on the future of children involving governments, corporations, and educational organizationsJoining the "Kodomo Smile Movement"

  • Kodomo Smile Movement
  • We are participants in the Kodomo Smile Movement, an initiative to foster a society that puts children first through collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders including Tokyo's metropolitan government, local municipalities, private companies, universities, and NPOs.
    As a committed partner, we support actions designed to bring smiles to children's faces, both now and in the future, in coordination with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. (Bandai)