Toward sustainable manufacturing

Designing products with the planet's future in mindImplementing sustainable design

When creating new products, we prioritize safety and enjoyment for all users by integrating environmental considerations and a deep understanding of diverse cultures.

To clearly communicate how sustainable practices are incorporated into our products, we mark those created with sustainability in mind with the "Sustainable Product Certification Mark" and provide detailed explanations.

Products that meet our environmental and sustainability criteria are labeled with the Sustainable Product Certification Mark.

Designing products with the planet's future in mind

Sustainable design focuses on reducing the environmental impact of products in all phases up to their disposal. This involves embedding eco-friendly practices based on the "Five Pillars of Sustainable Design" from the planning and design phases.

The "Five Pillars of Sustainable Design" and examples

Reducing plastic

We have substituted plastic packaging trays with cardboard to reduce plastic use.


Reducing paper

By adopting online formats, we've significantly reduced the amount of paper used in manuals.

Changing materials

  • For wafer product series:
    For wafer product series:

    We use biomass ink derived from natural resources such as cotton, pulp, rice bran, vegetable oil, and angiosperm seeds for the printing of packaging.

  • For wafer product series:
    Left: S.H.Figuarts series (Bandai Spirits)
    Right: Battle Spirits series (Bandai)

    The plastic trays we use for packaging are now made with innovative materials mixed with limestone or paper powder.

Easier disposal

  • Features a dual-circle structure

    Our packaging is designed to be robust during transport, yet easy to fold by hand to dispose of, effectively reducing waste volume.

  • This simplification of materials makes the products easier to sort and recycle.

Enhancing durability

We have increased the durability of our printed materials.

We have increased the durability of our printed materials.

Transforming limited resourcesUtilizing recycled materials


  • We recycle plastic model runners (the frames) collected from fans into raw materials for ECOPLA. (Bandai Spirits)

Capsule recycling project

We collect empty Gashapon capsules from locations such as our Gashapon Department Store, and then recycle them into plastic pellets at our facilities. These pellets are used to create new capsules at our Gashapon manufacturing plants. We reclaim over 30 tons* of capsules annually. (Bandai)

* Equivalent to 6 million capsules of 5 cm in diameter.

Collecting old capsules to create new ones

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Reducing plastic usagesAdopting plastic alternatives

Used Japanese tea leaves, eggshell, LIMEX

  • We are incorporating plastic alternative materials into some of our plastic models.
    Through these efforts, we aim to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. (Bandai Spirits)

Exploring new possibilities with plasticsDeveloping innovative plastic materials

  • We have developed a new, strong and durable plastic material, KPS (Enhanced [Kyoka] Polystyrene [PS]), used in our plastic models.
    KPS combines strength and flexibility, is suitable for painting, and is recyclable. We are dedicated to the continuous development of next-generation plastics. (Bandai Spirits)

Reducing food wasteEfforts to minimize food loss

  • Reducing food loss with the Tsuri-Gummy Series and Charapaki Hakkutsu Kyoru Choco
    Reducing food loss with the Tsuri-Gummy Series and Charapaki Hakkutsu Kyoru Choco
  • As part of our response to the societal issue of food loss, we have conducted numerous experiments over five years on our main sweets products, including Tsuri-Gummies, Tray Gummy Series, Ramune, and desserts. This research has enabled us to extend the shelf life of these products. Additionally, we have made efforts to reduce waste in raw materials and finished products during the production process and to extend sell-by periods, thereby reducing food loss. (Bandai)

Craftsmanship that meets the expectations of fansEnhancing and passing down techniques

  • At the Bandai Hobby Center, we strive to improve and pass on plastic model production techniques in order to meet the expectations of our fans and continue to improve the value of plastic models. (Bandai Spirits)