Fun for All into the Future


We want to bring dreams, fun, and inspiration to fans around the world.

By leveraging the appeal of Japan's world-renowned IP in anime, manga, and video games, we engage in a variety of businesses, such as Gashapon (Capsule Toys), card games, toys, sweets, plastic models, figurines, and Ichibankuji (Character Lottery). Here, we present our desires and thoughts, as well as the messages we want to share at Bandai and Bandai Spirits.

Note: IP stands for intellectual property, which includes characters and other assets.

Our Business

We foster moments of joy through a wide range of business activities.

We leverage the appeal of various IP to engage in a wide range of business activities around the world.

Gain an overview of the products and services that foster moments of joy for children and adults alike, our global reach, and our connections with fans.