• Reducing CO2 emissions by 15% at Toy Hobby business sites
  • Providing safe and secure products and services
  • Providing educational and experiential value for children who will shape the future

Providing safe and secure products and services

What we value first and foremost in our product manufacturing is safety.
Through strict quality standards, inspections, factory audits, and other measures,
we are committed to creating products that everyone can enjoy safely and joyfully.

We have adopted 260 inspection items in addition to industry standards.Proprietary Quality Standards

  • We implement thorough safety considerations. For example, we make sure that sharp edges are rounded, use soft materials, and design straps that are hung around the neck to disengage as soon as a certain amount of weight is applied. In order to provide safe and secure products and services to our fans, we have adopted and are rigorously implementing a number of quality standards for safety, performance, and labeling.

  • Toys are dropped in this impact test.
    It is conducted to verify that there are no hazards that could cause injury due to shattered fragments when the toy is dropped.
  • Pre-factory inspection
    Pre-factory inspection
  • Checking the operation status of a needle detector
    Checking the operation status of a needle detector
  • Checking the management status of tools and equipment
    Checking the management status of tools and equipment

Small children may play in ways that adults would never think of.
To ensure that children can play safely and happily, we comply with the Toy Safety Standard (ST), which is the standard for the toy industry. We have also established our own quality standards in which 260 additional items are verified, and our products are manufactured based on these requirements.
In addition to inspections prior to mass production, pre-factory shipment inspections and product acceptance inspections are conducted at partner factories in Japan and overseas to which we outsource the production of our products.
We strive to maintain and enhance product quality by conducting multiple inspections for each process.
We conduct ongoing factory audits at our packing plants, where products undergo the final stage of the production process.

Note: Compliance with the Toy Safety Standard and the acquisition of the ST mark is primarily for products marketed to children under the age of 14.

Delivering safety and quality to customers around the worldCompliance with safety standards required in various regions around the world

  • In addition to the toy standards required in each region, Bandai has established around 200 proprietary quality standards to ensure safe and secure products for overseas customers.
    Furthermore, quality-related documents are retained in a centrally managed system, ensuring an environment in which inquiries from each region can be handled promptly.

    Bandai Spirits also prepares procedures and rules for overseas development for each product category and deploys them within the company, allowing overseas standards to be adopted smoothly from the time of product planning.

Upholding social responsibility in production processesGood products begin with fair labor practices

  • For all overseas packaging factories that produce products for the Japanese market, we conduct the Bandai Factory Audit (BFA), which centralizes quality and Code of Conduct (CoC) audits. Alternatively, we perform audits based on the CoC criteria of third-party standards such as SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) or ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries).
    The basic policy for BFAs is the Bandai COC Declaration, which calls for strict observance of standards concerning forced labor, child labor, working hours, wages and allowances, punitive action, and discrimination. Audits are conducted in accordance with our original BFA manual. Bandai Spirits conducts audits of factories that have not been certified based on BFAs or third-party standards in accordance with its own Bandai Spirits Minimum Requirements Audit Report to confirm human rights requirements.

To deliver better products, we leverage customer feedback for further quality improvement

  • Concept illustration of search features using text mining (Bandai)
  • Employees can find feedback content by searching through various product-related data, such as release timings, within our internal systems.

    At our Customer Service Center, feedback from customers is anonymized and stored in a database.
    This data becomes accessible to all employees the following day, allowing us to use it for product improvement and the development of new products.

Protecting and nurturing the essence of our charactersUse of intellectual property rights

  • By utilizing intellectual property rights, we protect and nurture the essence of our characters. Our intellectual property activities, including rights enforcement and anti-counterfeiting measures, contribute to customer satisfaction. In 2021, our efforts to protect and promote character merchandising were recognized with the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award (Trademark) for excellence in utilizing intellectual property systems.